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Why do we offer the Veterans Funeral Plan?

Ever since William Wallace Trimble served in the Civil War, Les Janes and Art Tucker served in WW II, and Roy Lane Trimble served in Korea, the Trimble family has honored and supported our Veterans. That’s why we are proud to be the exclusive local provider of Veterans Funeral Care™. The mission of Veterans Funeral Care is to reduce funeral costs for veterans and their families.

Our staff is trained to handle every detail of making funeral arrangements for veterans. This includes our answering questions about military protocol, assuring that legal requirements are met, and providing whatever equipment, facilities, and technical services that may be needed.

Also, we know that many people are concerned about the rising costs of traditional funerals. Some who would otherwise choose burial are choosing cremation because it can be less expensive.  The Veterans Funeral Plan™ allows families to have the benefits of a traditional funeral for an affordable price.

The Veterans Funeral Plan™ is simple. We provide the visitation and funeral in a church with your choice of caskets and everything you need — all for one simple price.  Because this is a value-priced service, there are a few limitations compared to our standard services.

  • The only vehicle included is the hearse. The plan does not include limousines or a flower van.
  •  Services are scheduled Monday through Friday only, because the Rock Island National Cemetery is closed on weekends.
  • Staffing at the service includes one licensed funeral director and one assistant. The family will be asked to secure casket bearers.
  • If services are not held at a church, there is an additional charge of $360 for the use of our facilities. Visitation the day prior to the service is $360 additional.
  • Payment must be made prior to scheduling the service.
  • All non-funeral home costs, such as fees and charges for clergy, musicians, newspaper obituaries, cemetery, certified copies, and permits must be paid directly.

VETERANS FUNERAL CARE, a Trimble Pointe Company, is the exclusive provider of The Veterans Funeral Plan in the Greater Iowa-Illinois Quad City area.

The Veterans Funeral Plan is designed to offer veterans and their spouses a dignified yet affordable option for funeral services.

With The Veterans Funeral Plan™, we bring our funeral home to your neighborhood, anywhere in the greater Quad City area. This allows all Quad City veterans to have a Trimble funeral wherever they live. Using church facilities also provides an affordable option to using funeral home facilities, since most churches make no charge to church members and a nominal fee for others.